Terms And Conditions

Track Your Resource is the first Pakistani resource tracking Software Company that are giving full coverage of your employees’ movement, location and their dealings with clients. We have extensive experience in networking and software solutions. Our goal is to provide ease and comfort at the utmost level for the employer to work on other aspects of his business other than chasing and investigating the employees for their meetings with clients and marketing schedules. We have an innovative tracking app for the businesses that are seeking maximum utilization of their resource in terms of time, money and energy.

We are providing an extensive and user friendly app that ensures the route managements, attendance records, team managements, reports analysis and live chats. This gives an ease to the team lead to assign and get results on spot without delays. It will reduce the cost of daily calls and extra usage of fuel. The GPS location and Geo Fencing are involved to make it cheaper for you to acquire all the data collected by your employees from market at once, moreover the chat and task allocation system would reduce the hassle and mismanagement.

After a small procedure of registration our team will conduct a workshop for your employees to use Track Your Resource app. This app promises the privacy, accuracy and your full confidence on it.

Many renowned companies are working with us and have experienced the difference in their budgets.